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No experience of motorbiking, No experience of outdoors surviving, No experience with video cameras, No experience in tv-productions, No experience of performing in front of camera... and bad, bad english but 100% eager to do this:

Drive a motorbike alone through Europe from polar circle to Venice, and hopefully back home, alive. And to make this catastrophical plan even worse, there`s going to be a realtime document out of this! This is a true story that can only go wrong, but how badly, that`s what you are able to witness, live!

“RideAboutNow” is the first real time document ever shown and made complitely by one man. The whole show is filmed, edited and broadcasted alone and on the road. But the show is not just episodes but much more. Blogs, photo updates and real time GPS-tracking make this journey a total cross-media show! Every day all the web communities will be full of the latest news from the journey and a new episode comes online everyday, if it`s anyway possible.This is a true life story that awaits to begin!

The viewers can join the journey by following the route by a real time GPS-tracking, frequent updates on FB, photos tagged to coordinates and written journey blog! HD quality onboard cameras show the ride as it goes, right or wrong!

Every now and then there will be a poll conserning next destination or accommodition: Tent, cabin or hotel. Viewers can join desicions, and help when needed, in real time. And man, there will be a lot of situations to help with!

So as you see, the script is quite unstable, unpredictable and maybe embarrasing. If our one man rookie-team makes his way out to the ferry from Finland to Germany, we have already won the first big fight! After that there is hopefully lot of new interesting people, foreign bikers, embarrasing but hopefully not too dangerous moments, big lively cities and greatest roads and views of Europe ahead! More than 15 countries, mountain areas, hundreds of villages are waiting to be seen. From pubs of Prague to great serpentine roads of alpine mountains, from stunning views of Innsbruck to Amsterdams coffee shops, from sinking Venice to the tunnels of Norway this lonely team hopes to be able to ride with zero knowledge from any of these places and make a document out of it, in real time! This is as real as it gets!

Can`t wait to start the Journey!

teemu (at)
GSM: +358 (0) 45 639 8664

Propably the smallest production gear fits above one
13" Mac Book Pro. It includes one HD onboard camera,
one HD camera with wide lens, one spycam, sound recorder
and mobile phone with gps & camera. And it all will be done by
one man using only these equipments, believe or not, but
that`s what you`re about to witness!

One room flat & kithen, and everything on a single motorbike! As much as this is a documentary, this is also real
surviving adventure. Learn & practise could be the
theme here :)




Helping the Rookie on the road: