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These are the coolest brands in the world!

All of these companies proved their innovative attitude by joining the RideAboutNow before the whole story or journey has even started. In many ways this project includes things that has never done before, and could not have been done few years ago. Still, there ain`t 100% reliability that everything will work perfectly thru out the journey, so this is as much a technical test as it is entertaiment. RideAboutNow wants to thank all the partners by doing everything as well as possible!

Euro Motor Center

EMC is one of the biggest motorbike stores and importers in Finland with 16 years of experience - and it`s good that someone has experience in this project! EMC helps the rookie with everything what comes to motorbikes and riding gear.


Clover Motorcycle Jackets and Motorcycle Apparel are the only advanced technical wear made in Europe! New waterproof and CE-protection included Crossover jacket and pants are used in RideAboutNow!


Michelin technology is proven by the worlds best riders - and in this case also the worst rider! RideAboutNow will be driven by one set of Michelin tyres, and there will be more than 10 000 km in varying conditions so the best possible tyres are needed!


Arai stands for handmade quality, unsurpassed comfort and fit. In this case the rookie will live inside the helmet for one month, so it`s quite important to have best possible helmet what comes to safety and fitting.

Rokua health

Rokua health offers professional well-being and rehabilitation services in the beautiful area of Rokua. In RideAboutNow the Rokua Health Coach will test and help the rookie to achieve some physical fitness so there could be a little change to survive the journey!

TEHO energy drink

TEHO is the purest finnish energydrink! And what comes to motorbiking, the effervescent tablet is the only way to carry enough energy drink with you! To defent the homesickness and to stay awake in a traffic TEHO is the official dope of RideAbouNow!



Tracker Inc. is specialized in tracking and telemetry devices, and also focused on development and sales of GPS and Radio Frequency tracking systems for animals, in particular for hunting dogs. And also for motorist in this case!! The Trackers technology and devices sends the real time GPS location thru out the journey, if there is any kind of wireless internet connection available.


Vuoripuro is an outdoor equipment store in Oulu Finland with huge experience of trekking, climbing and outdoor surviving - perfect partner for a RideAboutNow`s one man rookie team!

Bullet Meal

High technology won`t stop to equipments in this journey! Rookies daily lunch will be a super fast Bullet Meal whole food bar - high technology meal with Chicken Thai flavor!!


Fennocode helped the rookie to embed daily routes and real time GPS-signal to this web-page!


Digitarvike has been a great, great help with camera and filming equipments!