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RideAboutNow! On The Road Episodes!
See where it all goes wrong and how badly! All the episodes are
filmed & edited during the journey by one man production team!
It`s happening now and you can participate!



Live video diary from the journey!
Every now and then there is live broadcast from the route! If you miss the live
broadcast, you`re able to check older diaries from here also!

This is where I`m going RIGHT NOW!

Real time GPS tracking shows you where i`m going right now! Follow my journey
live and see live when I`m lost :) And if it happens, please help me `cos I`m not using
any GPS on the road!

The whole journey so far!

This is the whole journey I`ve done so far! Check the daily routes
with photos & blog below!

customer survey

Participate and vote what I should do
or where to go!

You can vote on daily polls where i should ride
and what to do! If there is no good option, drop a
message thru Facebook shout box below!

No experience of motorbiking, No experience of outdoors surviving,
No experience with video cameras, No experience in tv-productions,
No experience of performing in front of camera...
and bad, bad english but 100% eager to do this:

Drive a motorbike alone through Europe from polar circle to Venice, and hopefully back home, alive.
And to make this catastrophical plan even worse, there`s going to be a realtime document out of this!
This is a true story that can only go wrong, but how badly, that`s what you are able
to witness, live! READ MORE »

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